How to Write a Blog Post [For Beginners] in 2022

Do you know my secret formula for writing a blog post? I am using this technique even today to write my blog post.

In this Blog Post, I am going to share 5 Awesome to writing a Blog Post. Trust me these 5 tips will genuinely improve your boring blog writing into a blog that people actually gonna enjoy.

Start off with a Title

Do you know? Out of 10 people who read your Title, only 2 of them actually read your article.
No Matter how amazing your Blog is. If you haven’t a catchy title, the audience gonna skip it in search results.

Catchy Titles will help you to get a first impression of the audience.
You can get inspiration from Magazines. They use awesome Copywriting Techniques to get the attention of the audience.

Add Introduction

Before starting your blog post, use a short introduction that creates a hook for your content and grabs user attention.
You can include a quick overview of your blog in the Introduction.

Blog Body

Now let’s come to your blog post.
Use subheadings in your body. It will help users to predict the information that you gonna tell them.
Look, No one gonna like to read lengthy paragraphs unless and until it is a matter of life and death.
Your Paragraph should not exceed more than 5 to 6 lines.

Linking with Sources and Sites

Linking with relevant sites that you use in your blog will not only help your audience to check out but also help your Blog in On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Your users will develop a trust factor while reading your blog.

Adding Conclusion

Most of the users first scroll to the Conclusion i.e is the end of your article, and then they decided to read your article or not.
Add Conclusion at the end of your every blog post and use subheadings for it as ” Conclusion”.
You can also end your blog post with a question so that your user can comment and have a connection with you.

Bonus Tip

When you link with other sites, make sure you email them that you have linked them in your recent blog posts.
Everyone likes getting backlinks from others. It is possible that they will share your Blog Post with their audience on their social media.


I hope you have understood the importance of these 5 factors that will improve your blog writing. So you should implement these techniques in your blog post and over time you will find that your audience genuinely loves your blog.

Tell me which factors you haven’t known before and find helpful for your Blog Writing.

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